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Starting A New

Starting A New

By Jeff Burdge, Kiva Tulsa Capital Access Manager

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

Steve Jobs

From my experience not everyone loves what they do for work. We’re sent off into the world at 18 and told to find yourself, and unfortunately not everyone has a support system that will allow them to truly find what they want to do for a living. Life is challenging and usually doesn’t just hand out good breaks, or at least maybe we just don’t notice them as easily as we notice the bad.

For most of my working career I’ve been in the auto insurance claims industry. I had the opportunity to learn great things working insurance claims. Learned to deal with very challenging obstacles and how to effectively manage situations that may not always seem to be in your control. I worked with amazing individuals who I keep up with to this day. 

There is a down side to working insurance claims. You are never speaking to someone when they are in a good mood. Either their primary, or only, mode of transportation has been damaged or disabled. They, or a friend or family member, has been injured. Or they are in incredible physical or emotional pain from a tragic loss. 

As their adjuster you must become their advocate. You must find a way to get them back on the road. It can have its highs and it can have its lows. But hopefully in the end you were able to serve them and get a thank you as you said goodbye. Because to them, this is one of life’s bad break moments.

After a time, I also learned that I enjoyed what I was doing but didn’t love what I was doing.

Lucky, I had a good break moment at the beginning of this year. I was able to apply and be hired to be the Kiva Tulsa Capital Access Manager for the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation. Starting in a brand-new field of work is exciting, scary, and I’m having so much fun. The LTFF team is out of the world amazing and full of rock stars! Training with individuals from all over the country with Kiva has been so beneficial too. 

With Kiva, I get to help so many small business owners here in the Tulsa area. I get to again be an advocate, but this time its to help them find their own way in the world. To be the support system they may not have had in the past. I’m not naïve and think that I am a hero to them or something. But in my eyes, I see a chance to give them a leg up. A chance to be a stepping stone in the right direction of business success. Kiva loans may seem small in monetary value but to a small business owner it could be that one shot, that one GOOD break that they’ve been waiting for. 

I cannot wait to continue to meet amazing small business leaders here in the Tulsa area. I know that with Kiva we can continue to grow small businesses and continue to show the world that Tulsa truly does take care of its own.

Life will continue to hand out good and bad breaks, and now I find that not only am I enjoying what I do for a living, but that I am loving what I do for a living. 

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    Posted at 14:48h, 21 May Reply

    Welcome to the Team!

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