Lobeck Taylor | LTFF Blog: Tryin’ Times? Try Tulsa!
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LTFF Blog: Tryin’ Times? Try Tulsa!

LTFF Blog: Tryin’ Times? Try Tulsa!

By Lauren Edmunds, Assistant Manager at Mother Road Market

I’m a brand new Tulsan, coming to the city with my arms outstretched. Newly married, I have my very own little family riding shotgun. With Phoenix, AZ, Tampa, FL, and Louisville, KY, all in the rearview mirror, city after city I have gained reputable restaurant experience and made numerous attempts at starting my own business. 

From a metal-themed pop-up restaurant with devout followers, to a metaphysical-themed tea and herb shop, I struggled as many new business owners and entrepreneurs do. I spent the beginning stages in these cities, burning energy and funds trying to get things off of the ground, having what I felt to be a killer idea but having very few resources to help me make it happen. If only I had tried Tulsa first! 

I think I can speak for most when I say that we are often so eager and ambitious when we are fortunate enough to have an idea spark inside of us that we take off running, figuring things out as we go, in fear that we might not ever try – and I happened to do just that! With things not turning out the way I hoped with each business venture, I’ve repeatedly thought if only I had more time, more funds, more resources to help things along in the beginning. Things might have been different! I believed that I had a good handle on the culture surrounding me when developing my “far out” concepts, but could it have been that the location and the city that weren’t ready for me and my vision?

What if I told you there was a city that had a unique and supportive culture that welcomed your quirky concepts? What if I told you this city housed the most genuine and devoted organization backing entrepreneurs and their dreams as if they wrote the book on it, providing support and guidance as entrepreneurs develop their ideas and turn them into their very own dream businesses? That city is Tulsa, Oklahoma, and that organization which I am now so happily a part of is the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation (LTFF)! LTFF is the organization behind Mother Road Market, Tulsa’s first food hall and entrepreneurial launchpad, where I am the Assistant General Manager! 

Mother Road Market is the perfect place to call home for your new business and gives innovative Tulsans exactly what they need to succeed by helping to remove or decrease some of the common barriers that early-stage food entrepreneurs face when getting their business concepts off the ground. Now in my new role at Mother Road Market, I am fortunate enough to be a huge part of the supportive culture that Tulsa is all about, and I am happy to help and dedicated to the mission! In assisting entrepreneurial-minded people just like me around Mother Road Market, I get to have a front row seat to seeing more Tulsans than I can count achieve their dreams! 

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