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By Adriana Prieto, General Manager, Mother Road Market

The service industry is all about confidence. You have to act like the best, to be the best. Fake it, until you make it. But in these unprecedented times, we are left with little to no confidence and no play book, no standard operating procedures, and no example to follow. So we are left to set the example to determine how to act and what to do. We have to “wing it”. Setting the example  is where the challenge truly lies: How to lead effectively while truly innovating and ideating as we go? How to manage these new insurmountable standards of safety and precautions that Covid has forced us to apply to our restaurants? How to instill a sense that everything is going to be just fine, when really, we are building the track as we are journeying on it. 

Although it seems like an impossible task to completely reinvent your business model essentially overnight while maintaining a level of calm and reassurance in your staff, I can tell you that there is one thing we can rely on that has been a part of this industry for generations: each other. Camaraderie will get us through these trying times. In this industry, we experience trying times collectively on a daily basis. The feeling and excitement of rolling through the punches on a busy dinner service together as a team, is certainly trying to say the least. The pressure is on, the Chef is “on one”, the printer is relentlessly spewing order tickets, you are down a line cook and it’s a holiday weekend. It seems very unlikely that the team will make it through this shift in one piece. Everyone is grinding and pushing to execute at a really high level to please the guest while also having a laugh here and there to release some of the pressure. It’s all a whirlwind but then you realize, you’ve made it. Against impossible odds, the team has successfully made it to the finish line. Another flawless dinner service in the books. And what now? Drinks!

Although camaraderie doesn’t pay the bills, it does make us feel like we are in this together. Now, more than ever, we need to be a united front. We have to rely on one another to innovate, to set a new standard as one voice. At Mother Road Market, we have had one goal in mind. How do we take care of our people? As we continue to work towards that one goal, one thing becomes very apparent to me as we retrain our staff to fill a different role than they are used to. We are all just trying to be our best selves. We are eager to be on the team and to make it to the finish line together. We will innovate, we will reinvent ourselves, we will do whatever it takes to cross that finish line together. And what now? Well, in efforts to comply with social distancing we’ll have to settle with air high-fives for now!

  • Kathy Taylor
    Posted at 03:47h, 29 May Reply

    Inspiring and impactful! You have made a difference for so many. Proud and thankful
    You are on the mother road market team. With immense gratitude, Kathy !

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