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Managing Director of Lobeck Taylor Operating Foundation

Lobeck Taylor Operating Foundation (LTOF) is an operating foundation funded by Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation (LTFF). LTOF programs include Mother Road Market, Kitchen 66, Shops at Mother Road Market, and Tulsa Startup Series. LTFF’s Board of Directors approve the budget for LTOF annually in addition to setting the vision and strategic goals of both organizations. 

The Managing Director reports to the CEO of LTFF and serves as a strategic partner to the CEO and COO of LTFF. LTFF performs complementary grantmaking work to LTOF’s programs, which increase economic activity and equitable growth and development of 11th Street between Xanthus Ave. and Birmingham Ave. and surrounding neighborhoods in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

An equal part deputy director, chief of staff and chief operations officer for LTOF and its programs, the Managing Director serves as a key advisor to LTOF and its programs and staff on a wide range of strategic issues and crisis management and oversees day-to-day operations. The Managing Director is responsible for translating LTOF’s strategic goals into operational plans and ensures that the efforts of the program’s various operational teams align with those strategic objectives. The Managing Director also directly oversees the LTOF programs’ administrative and personnel functions, serves as a liaison to the LTFF Board of Directors and staff and serves on the LTFF Leadership Team with the CEO and COO. In these capacities, the Managing Director is responsible for surfacing operational challenges and opportunities, therefore leveraging “on the ground” data to inform broader strategic goals. 

What you will accomplish: 

1) Develop the theory of change and impact work for LTOF into actionable plans that implements the strategic vision and implementation of the strategic vision. 

2) Build systems necessary to implement LTOF work efficiently and effectively. 

3) Strengthen LTOF culture and relationships within LTOF and LTFF and with our stakeholders. 


Strategy and Leadership

○ Create and execute an implementation plan–with appropriate benchmarks, metrics and a timeframe for measuring progress–to ensure that LTOF and its programs achieve the goals of the strategic plan.

○ Oversee, prioritize, direct and align the work of the finance and LTOF program directors. Leverage their strengths to maximize the organization while fostering a collaborative and dynamic organizational culture. 

○ Promote a culture of high performance and continuous improvement that values learning and a commitment to quality and communicates our shared purpose. 

○ Establish and evaluate staff performance and development goals, including a process for 360 feedback for Managing Director to Board, conduct regular performance reviews, and administer salary adjustments. Adjust staffing when needed and appropriate in order to achieve organizational goals. 

○ Maintain positive relationships with nonprofit and business partners in the community. 

○ Establish strong communication practices across the LTOF team, and provide regular feedback and support for team members to reach their personal and organizational goals. 

○ Provide professional development to establish a team of problem solvers who, supported by your leadership, regularly celebrate successes and learn from mistakes. 

○ Maintain the spirit of entrepreneurship that reflects the community we serve. 

○ Develop relationships with others operating similar programs to share learning and to learn from others. 

○ Evaluate challenges and opportunities within each program and the organization as a whole for strategic problem solving and goal setting as a member of the LTFF Leadership Team and Board of Directors. 

Program Operations

○ Provide effective and inspiring leadership, in part by being actively involved in all programs and services, and by developing a broad and deep knowledge of all programs. 

○ Maximize organizational impact by fostering opportunities for collaboration across programs and by using lessons learned and other data to inform future investments and actions. 

○ Identify opportunities to scale, test and innovate within programs and partnerships. 

○ Ensure that all program activities operate consistently and ethically within the mission and values of LTOF. 

○ Identify best practices and improve internal systems with an eye toward future needs and budget realities. 

○ Develop and implement systems and processes across the organization to maximize organizational efficiencies and increase program accountability. 

HR and Financial Management

○ Collaborate with the LTOF Director of Finance and Administration to create, implement and maintain key HR and Finance policies, internal controls, accounting standards and procedures. 

○ Plan, coordinate and execute the annual LTOF budget process along with the Director of Finance & Administration and COO. 

○ Ensure the continued financial viability of LTOF’s programs through sound fiscal management and oversight. Work closely with Program Directors and the Director of Finance and Administration to achieve long-term sustainability goals adopted by LTFF. 


● Proven leadership and management experience, which includes creating inclusive environments with diverse stakeholders and teams 

● Analytic and decisive decision-maker 

● Commitment to community service and the spirit of entrepreneurship 

● Ability to prioritize and communicate to staff key objectives and strategies necessary to achieve organizational goals 

● Ability to collaborate with staff, Board, and external stakeholders to identify shared goals and priorities and to achieve success; 

● Extensive operational experience including financial management, stakeholder communications, talent management and scaling operations with efficiency 

● Self-directed and action-oriented 

● Strong commitment to issues of equity and economic opportunity 

● Flexibility to perform in a fast-paced environment 

● Ability to see the trees and the forest/zoom in and zoom out 

● Experience working with startup businesses and/or food and service industry preferred 

● Willingness to work alongside any team member in any task 

● Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field; advanced degree preferred 

Embodiment of our core values

○ We seek long term, sustainable solutions 

○ We believe in continuous improvement 

○ We do what we say we will do 

○ We are passionate about our purpose 


LT Operating Foundation (LTOF) is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. LTOF does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national or ethnic origin, age, status as an individual with a disability, protected veteran status, or genetic information.