Lobeck Taylor | Community Development
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Community Development

LTFF aims to provide grants that support dynamic organizations and programs that address Tulsa’s needs in thoughtful, innovative ways. LTFF proudly selects grantees that tackle longstanding, often systemic issues with mold-breaking answers. We are proud to be a part of a community that collaborates to ensure citizens live, work and play in a dynamic, vibrant culture that encourages thinking outside the box. Looking forward, LTFF will continue to play the role of a risk-taker in funding forward-looking pilot programs.

Grantee Highlight

Reading Partners LIFT10

Reading Partners’ Literacy Improvement Forged Together (LIFT10) seeks to improve reading proficiency rates in Tulsa Public Schools by 10 percent over the next three years. Already proving success through Reading Partners one-on-one mentorship, Tulsa was one of two cities selected to pilot a population-level program impacting fourth grade literacy proficiency in schools, districts and communities. Our grant will help the organization achieve a goal of serving 2,400 students in 30 reading centers by 2018. With our help and their passion, we hope to see at least 65 percent of third- and fourth-grade students demonstrate growth compared to a national group of peers in the same grade by 2018.

Innovation Grants Circle

Community Development Grantees

501technet provides low-cost IT support to non-profits, helping them past this often large financial barrier to success.


Social Innovation Grants at the Tulsa Area United Way encourage partner organizations and individuals to pilot innovative solutions that address difficult issues in the Tulsa community.


The Mine mirrors LTFF’s passion to equip Tulsa’s entrepreneurs, creatives, non-profits and developers, with a combination of fellowship opportunities and curated programming.


Tulsa Changemakers empowers promising youth-leaders to drive positive impact in Tulsa right now and into the future.


MODUS is a program of Youth Services Tulsa that enables young people to get to their medical and social service appointments on time, consistently by teaching Tulsa youth how to use the city’s existing transit system – removing the barrier of transportation so that all teens can access the services necessary to reach their full potential.


Sustainable Tulsa is educating and engaging our community around a balance between quality of life for all, responsible economic growth and environmental stewardship, people, profit and planet.