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As a nonprofit that both supports and identifies as an entrepreneurial organization, the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation strives for continuous improvement to maximize our impact. In 2020, LTFF is further narrowing its focus to better correlate the missions of our programmatic work and our grants. LTFF will experiment with funding grants that equitably activate the area surrounding Mother Road Market and Kitchen 66. In focusing specifically on equitably activating one corridor in the community, we will be able to closely measure and collect data to validate best practices based upon desired outcomes. Our research suggests that we can improve community outcomes and economic mobility for business owners and residents alike by activating Route 66 as an underutilized asset in Tulsa, and creating a model for future inclusive growth along other parts of Route 66 in Tulsa.


Therefore in 2020, we will not follow the timeline of the 2019 grant cycle. Instead, we plan to spend the year researching how best to impact the outcomes we’ve identified to make the biggest impact on equitable growth in our district by dedicating ourselves to a geographical focus limited to S. Xanthus Ave. to S. Birmingham Pl along 11th street and the surrounding neighborhoods. The broad placemaking outcomes will include:


Pride of Place and Community Attachment

Physical Infrastructure

Economic Activity and Equity 


If you think your project would positively impact  the above outcomes and is within the geographical focus, please fill out this google form. If we determine your project may be a fit in our next steps, we will reach out with additional information. 


If you have an economic opportunity or entrepreneurship-focused financial partnership request that is outside our geographical focus, please fill out this google form.  These financial partnership requests must be under $10,000.00 and cannot be capital in nature. 


Further Information

The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation:

    • For startup nonprofits and pilot projects and programs, LTFF prefers to provide funding for one year.
    • LTFF does not contribute to capital campaigns or provide funding through fiscal agents.
    • LTFF will generally not consider the following types of organizations and programs for funding: athletic teams, child care centers,, debt or after the fact situations, independent media productions, political/voter education, private schools and religious institutions.
    • LTFF does not consider merchandise donations, table sponsorships and similar requests for support of specific fundraising events.
    • EXCEPTIONS: There are some exceptions to the grant making parameters described above. LTFF will consider matching grants, emergency funding for organizations/programs that need funding or their mission will not continue, providing last money to close a funding gap and emergency funding for natural disasters in the region.