Lobeck Taylor | LTFF Blog: Creating a Connection on Social Media
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LTFF Blog: Creating a Connection on Social Media

LTFF Blog: Creating a Connection on Social Media

By Claire Lemaster, Digital Marketing Coordinator

I’ve been working in marketing for 14 years, I never dreamed social
media would be the place I’d find so much career joy! For the last five
years I’ve worked in social media for a wide variety of companies: real
estate, dentist, restaurants, energy tradeshows, art school, mortgage
broker, Fuel 66 Tulsa, Tulsa Run and more. At one point my client list
required me to write and create graphics for 12 different clients which
added up to 30+ social profiles. Staying organized was key to keep
everyone on track! And while delivering information is always the goal
in social, finding a way to be meaningful in the message was my

For Tulsa Run while I did focus heavily on registration, connecting with
their audience was crucial. The running community is a tight group
that didn’t want to just be constantly told to register for #RunTulsaRun.
I chose to do a heavy focus on letting runners tell their stories of why
they run or how running affected their life. Plus injecting a sense of
humor into the regular rotation of posts like the boredom of treadmill
running, running to eat lots of tacos, and so much more! This gave
the page an identity of being relatable and real.

For accounts with a more serious tone, like an international energy
tradeshow, I focused on working with influencers who could give the
audience real applications of industry products and concepts.
Learning to pair the message with examples of actual implementation
went a long way to show the end result with their piece of the puzzle.
This set us apart from other accounts and tradeshows that focused
more on the sales of registration and sponsorship. Often these
accounts are hidden once the person registers for the event. Keeping
relevant industry content at the forefront of messaging kept us fresh
and interesting.

Being able to write for and produce creative materials for a wide
variety of clients has been a highlight of my career. Now being part of
Lobeck Taylor Family Foudnation, I’m excited to be facing another set
of challenges. From Kiva to Tulsa StartUp Series, Kitchen 66 to
Mother Road Market there is so much to write about and so many
wonderful visuals to share. The best part is the end result for all these
new accounts is a better, more positive Tulsa! What could be better
than doing a job you love to make your city an even greater place? I’m
so incredibly happy to be here!

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