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LTFF Blog: Recipe for Success

LTFF Blog: Recipe for Success

How Mother Road Market Combines Economic Development, Philanthropy, and Sustainability. 

By the LTFF Summer 2019 interns: Tori Burris, Katy Dirks, Carly Fussell, Kyle Minden and Sarah Rummage

Ingredients for Food Hall Success:

  • 5 retail stores
  • 1 Takeover Cafe
  • 15 food concepts
  • 47 Kitchen 66 members
  • 10,000+ lbs of diverted food waste
  • 259,000+ lbs recycled
  • 5 community art pieces
  • 2 event spaces
  • 1 team of devoted staff


  1. Dream up Tulsa’s first food hall, an engaging community space with delicious entrees for the whole family.
  2. Create a space for Kitchen 66 in the hall: an incubator kitchen where startup food entrepreneurs can have access to affordable kitchen space, business guidance, and sales opportunities for their business. 
  3. Assemble 15 diverse food entrepreneurs who have a passion for culturally-inspired dishes to break down barriers towards establishment or scalability of their food concept.
  4. Open a General Store stocked with products made by startup Tulsa businesses in the K66 Demo Kitchen right next door, allowing otherwise excluded businesses the opportunity to sell their retail products.
  5. Add in Tulsa’s first year-round farmers market, The Farm Stand. 
  6. Design the Kitchen 66 Takeover Cafe, a restaurant space where aspiring food entrepreneurs can test and polish their restaurant concepts before taking on the risk of establishing their own space. 
  7. Dip into the local art scene and bring the space to life with murals, interactive art, and pop-up shops in The Vault.
  8. Sprinkle in sustainable solutions for saving the planet: compost food scraps from Kitchen 66, divert waste through recycling and composting stations around the market, and purchase recyclable and compostable food packaging to use at each food concept in the hall.
  9. Blend together a family-friendly atmosphere through a dedicated kids area in partnership with Seeking Sitters.
  10. Mix in Tulsa’s Best Patio to create an engaging community space full of public events.
  11. Garnish with a great team dedicated to the economic development of Tulsa.
  12. Serve your food hall in a historic building along Route 66!

Like any good recipe, we’ve had our fair share of roadblocks: our recipe is still being fine-tuned through trial and error. We have had to make a lot of adjustments along the way to find the recipe for success at Mother Road Market. We’ve even added a side dish to our entree: Shops at Mother Road Market, a brand new five-shop retail complex coming in Spring 2020. If you’re an established or a start-up retail entrepreneur interested in joining the Shops at Mother Road Market, be sure to submit your application for leases by August 14th! Try your own recipe for economic development and sustainability in Tulsa and let us know how it goes! Together, we can succeed.

L to R: Dirks, Minden, Fussell, Burris, Rummage
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