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The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation is committed to “doing what we say we will do,” and one way we stay focused on our organizational mission is to measure the impact of our efforts.

Kitchen 66

Key Metrics from Kitchen 66 2017-2018

Number of rented kitchen hours: 3,584

Gross Sales Revenue from K66 sales opportunities: $163,676

Number of companies participating in K66 programs: 67

Data highlights from the beta year impact report include:

  • 50% of beta year entrepreneurs were female.
  • 47% of beta year entrepreneurs were people of color.
  • 16% of beta year entrepreneurs are at or below the poverty line.
  • Of the 60 beta year entrepreneurs, 37% represented food service, 47% were packaged products, and 16% were mobile operations (food trucks).
  • From January 2016 to July 2017, Kitchen 66 added $164,160 in goods and services to the Tulsa area economy.
  • A full-length version of the beta impact report is attached to this email.