Lobeck Taylor | Community Engagement
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Community Engagement

Tulsa is, and always will be, home. Through public service, community involvement and financial support, members of our foundation have poured their hearts and souls into this city because we believe there’s something special here. We’ve seen Fortune 500 companies thrive, hungry startups flourish and community attractions gain national attention.

The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation actively looks for opportunities to further Tulsa’s reputation as an up-and-coming place to live, work and play. We look at long forgotten stretches of Tulsa’s historic Route 66 and see a blank canvas for new developments. We get our families together to channel our inner cyclists for the Tulsa Townie Ride. We dream, collaborate and take risks alongside organizations that we believe push the envelope to make Tulsa awesome.

Grantee Highlight

A New Leaf: Blooming Acres

Of the estimated 22,000 Tulsans with developmental disabilities, only 1 percent are currently employed or engaged in the community. Through Blooming Acres, A New Leaf is taking a groundbreaking approach to solving systemic problems of poor health among individuals with developmental disabilities and a lack of fresh produce in our community. A New Leaf’s Blooming Acres is transforming three empty acres into a thriving farm operated by 45 individuals with developmental disabilities. Community members and area schools can purchase fresh, local produce on a weekly basis, helping eliminate food deserts and providing an additional revenue stream for this vital organization.

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Culinary Trade Program

Community Engagement Grantees

Lost Kingdom Exhibit at the Tulsa Zoo, an educational exhibit funded by LTFF, is set to open in June 2017. Visit to see the red panda and binturong in their natural habitat.


Tulsa Hub provides certified bicycling-for-transportation education, and refurbished bicycles, safety gear and follow-up support to people in poverty and people with disabilities.