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The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation seeks community partners that share our focus on fostering entrepreneurship, community development and economic opportunity in Tulsa. Specifically, we partner with organizations aiming to grow and sustain Tulsa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, encourage community initiatives that enhance and enrich Tulsa citizens while bringing the city together and support innovative programs and projects.


The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation only accepts grant requests from charitable
organizations that are designated as tax exempt under Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3) and are not classified as private foundations. LTFF provides grants to 501c3 nonprofits that support entrepreneurship, community development and economic opportunity.


The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation’s primary geographic focus is the local Tulsa community. From time to time, the Board of Directors will consider small grants for programs outside the Tulsa area if deemed particularly relevant to the mission of the Foundation.

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Further Information

The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation:

  • For startup nonprofits and pilot projects and programs, LTFF prefers to provide funding for one year.
  • For established nonprofits and programs/projects, LTFF prefers to establish a multi-year partnership with funds distributed annually.
  • LTFF will generally not fund the entire project budget, but prefers to be part of an effort supported by a number of sources.
  • LTFF does not contribute to capital campaigns or provide funding through fiscal agents.
  • LTFF will generally not consider the following types of organizations and programs for funding: athletic teams, child care centers, civic action groups, debt or after the fact situations, independent media productions, political/voter education, private schools and religious institutions.
  • LTFF does not consider merchandise donations, table sponsorships and similar requests for support of specific fundraising events.
  • EXCEPTIONS: There are some exceptions to the grant making parameters described above. LTFF will consider matching grants, emergency funding for organizations/programs that need funding or their mission will not continue, providing last money to close a funding gap and emergency funding for natural disasters in the region.


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