Lobeck Taylor | FAQ
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What are the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation’s funding priorities?

The Foundation focuses on increasing innovation in Tulsa through
entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development.

Does the Foundation give grants to organizations outside Tulsa?

The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation’s primary geographic focus is the local
Tulsa community. From time to time, the Board of Directors will consider small
grants for programs outside the Tulsa area if deemed particularly relevant to the
mission of the Foundation.

Does the Foundation sponsor events or dinners?

The Foundation no longer considers merchandise donations, table sponsorships
and similar requests for support of specific fundraising events.

When is the deadline to apply?

The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation does not have a proposal deadline and
accepts proposals on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

When are grants approved?

Grants are approved or declined by the Foundation Board of Directors at each
of the three Board Meetings throughout the year. Decisions are communicated
to applicants shortly thereafter.

How do I apply for a grant from the Foundation?

After reviewing the FAQs and additional information on the grants page, if you
feel there is a strong match with your request, please submit a one page
overview outlining your request as well as a budget to info@lobecktaylor.com.
Upon review, you may be invited to submit an application for funding.

What reporting does the Foundation require of its Grantees?

The Foundation requires interim progress reports for the duration of the grant and
a final progress report at the conclusion of the grant period. These reports are an
opportunity for the Grantee to report on its successes towards reaching its
objectives as outlined in the grant application. Even more importantly, the
reporting process allows the Grantee to share any challenges it is facing which
provides the Foundation the opportunity to help the Grantee overcome them.

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